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(edit) @1083:a5f219c25f2a   16 months ivaradi Updates for CEF 108 and the corresponding CEFPython. python3
(edit) @1046:12bbf8604117   2 years ivaradi New style briefing (re #357) python3
(edit) @1030:1365902665d4   3 years ivaradi The scalable icons are also included in the distribution on Windows python3
(edit) @981:3fa8c08f4b8f   5 years ivaradi Reduced the size of the package a bit (re #347) python3
(edit) @967:843cc4f0f5d5   5 years ivaradi Removed some superflouous stuff from the setup code (re #347) python3
(edit) @959:45c27c0c294f   5 years ivaradi Add the certifi package and the certificates for HTTPS access (re #347) python3
(edit) @947:23ae37c287b6   5 years ivaradi Proper manifest is added to the Windows EXEs (re #347) python3
(edit) @938:f26db2a00d8a   5 years ivaradi Updated the explicit DLL list in for Wine (re #347) python3
(edit) @935:79a441954367   5 years ivaradi Windows build changes in for the new environment and py2exe … python3
(edit) @919:2ce8ca39525b   5 years ivaradi Ran 2to3 python3
(edit) @916:4f738ffc3596   6 years ivaradi Support for building for Windows using Wine version_0.39_maint
(edit) @875:8f22aae44a00   7 years ivaradi The MSVC C runtime manifest is added
(edit) @808:3090f914fa15   8 years ivaradi Removed another file no longer used (re #310)
(edit) @807:1f91362bb9ca   8 years ivaradi Removed some files no longer used (re #310)
(edit) @720:09e2087e55b5   9 years ivaradi Added some missing files to the distribution (re #279). cef
(edit) @682:08e73d58a9e4   9 years ivaradi CEF is now started from Selenium cef
(edit) @654:4ab835f44be6   9 years ivaradi Moved the moving of libcef.dll to before creating the manifest (re #272) cef
(edit) @653:329e2eecb565   9 years ivaradi Updated the Windows install package generator infrastructure to … cef
(edit) @497:0ac65bf1abb7   11 years ivaradi Added the xplra module as a dependency xplane
(edit) @378:39ea6089286e   12 years ivaradi Fixed the generation of Uninstall.conf
(edit) @373:cf2b6b8a3973   12 years ivaradi Added support for a secondary instance (#157)
(edit) @287:29b48460f436   12 years ivaradi Added the language files
(edit) @281:c9e392a0a8b1   12 years ivaradi Using icons instead of a drawing for the connection state
(edit) @230:93f5859f78e5   12 years ivaradi Added new files
(edit) @227:50c3ae93007d   12 years ivaradi Added a Help menu with the manual and the about dialog
(edit) @159:5a0078210fff   12 years ivaradi Included the Hungarian messages and the hicolor icon theme
(edit) @137:f7489252b322   12 years ivaradi Added the sound files to the distribution
(edit) @37:a9637d8e2ea0   12 years ivaradi The MLXMANIFEST is generated when creating the distribution and files …
(edit) @36:f79362793664   12 years ivaradi Update seems to work
(edit) @28:66fcd9294ab0   12 years ivaradi Separated the GUI code into a separate package
(edit) @27:d95d48685969   12 years ivaradi Created icons, reorganized sources and made the Windows installer work
(add) @20:c2c47ea02649   12 years ivaradi Added support for creating an installer package
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