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(edit) @227:50c3ae93007d   11 years ivaradi Added a Help menu with the manual and the about dialog
(edit) @226:473bbc9d355f   11 years ivaradi Faults are logged highlighted
(edit) @225:298b775161db   11 years ivaradi Started the possibilities to log faults differently
(edit) @221:2126271cea84   11 years ivaradi Implemented the PIREP viewer tabs for the comments and the log
(edit) @220:96ad81e11b85   11 years ivaradi The Data tab of the PIREP viewer works
(edit) @191:b23bf6aa7672   11 years ivaradi Added support for the charter configuration version of the Boeing 737-800
(edit) @175:6db038066dec   11 years ivaradi Checklist saving/restoring and editing is implemented
(edit) @151:a2584357ff6c   11 years ivaradi Added support for saving and loading PIREPs
(edit) @149:aab353620d1c   11 years ivaradi Added the handling of the PIREP directory preference
(edit) @144:3c7d3b02a0be   11 years ivaradi Further enhanced the fuel widget.
(edit) @132:92f78dc5b965   11 years ivaradi Added support for enabling/disabling message types
(edit) @127:6141f30a2060   11 years ivaradi Enabled word wrapping in the comment fields
(edit) @124:6633722f7f86   11 years ivaradi The buttons are now explicitly defined for message dialogs to avoid …
(edit) @123:3b181cd0ab99   11 years ivaradi The Preferences dialog works
(edit) @105:d1c3dd71da77   11 years ivaradi The dialogs now have a proper parent window and title
(edit) @97:f885322fb296   11 years ivaradi The PIREP can be created and sent.
(edit) @93:fbcbfa72cdb2   11 years ivaradi Implemented the beginnings of the main menu and the separate debug log tab
(edit) @86:285443d1c1e2   11 years ivaradi The IntegerEntry widget is used for the VRef as well on the landing page
(edit) @84:40b2d74e74f4   11 years ivaradi Created an integer entry widget and made use of it for entering the …
(edit) @76:f5b2b0022cdf   11 years ivaradi Added a Quit option to the status icon's menu and a confirmation dialog.
(edit) @44:5d48f6c9f140   12 years locvais The basics of the basic framework for the flight wizard work
(edit) @42:f23f648550e9   12 years ivaradi Started the flight wizard and it is now possible to log in
(edit) @32:46c1a12f72d1   12 years ivaradi Implemented the status bar.
(edit) @29:5bcc0ef808c5   12 years ivaradi The status icon and hiding/showing the window works
(add) @28:66fcd9294ab0   12 years ivaradi Separated the GUI code into a separate package
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