Special FSUIPC offsets


  • In case of values that are toggles (on/off, etc.), use only the bit that changes for sure, because other bits may be related to different things.


  • 0x7b91: transponder mode C/standby (bit 0: 1/0)


  • 0x6202: bit 0 is the STD button state: 1 means the button is pressed
  • 0x6216: the values of the transponder settings: 1: standby, 2: XPDR, 3: TA, 4: TA/RA
  • 0x6227: autopilot on (2)/off (0)
  • 0x6228: heading mode: 2: HDG SEL
  • 0x622a: pitch mode: 4: alt hold, 3: VNAV
  • 0x622c (U16): AP heading
  • 0x622e (U16): AP altitude

More information is here:

Dash 8-Q400

  • The N1 values at 0x0898, etc. are incorrect, use the values starting at 0x2000. Perhaps use it for all aircraft with turbines?
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