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(edit) @956:86878bb8d9f1   4 years ivaradi The test simulator is run with Python 3 (re #347) python3
(edit) @779:1b5e11e954c4   7 years ivaradi Addef fuel usage
(edit) @663:a43871f5c37e   8 years ivaradi Added a modified version for DH8D
(edit) @611:6e8540c1970b   9 years ivaradi Added checks for tailstrike during takeoff and touchdown (re #250)
(edit) @525:02437e74e7ca   10 years ivaradi The AGL values are logged for gear movements and flap extension during …
(edit) @519:4d047bb841c3   10 years ivaradi The anti-collision lights can be turned off when the parking brake is …
(edit) @415:77d406d7d593   11 years ivaradi Modified the landing lights checking (re #181)
(edit) @409:c580507072c1   11 years ivaradi Implemented the logging of the value of QNH along with the altimeter …
(edit) @391:0f2e90eae832   11 years ivaradi Added support for logging the state of the anti-ice system (re #159)
(edit) @375:9db0cb4a0040   11 years ivaradi If the landing light is off during takeoff, it scores only 0 (#156)
(edit) @361:297b84854dfc   11 years ivaradi In case of the DA F70 the transponder is considered to be turned on …
(edit) @360:b83988619f8b   11 years ivaradi Added aircraft-specific minimal speed for the reversers (#152)
(edit) @356:a9dd7d794212   11 years ivaradi The radio frequencies are not logged before TAKEOFF and after LANDING …
(edit) @344:1374c29962a3   11 years ivaradi Added the speed checker for the strobeless planes (#143)
(edit) @335:db900a4a0930   11 years ivaradi #139: added a checker for thev transponder state
(edit) @329:cb7f4cf4e870   11 years ivaradi The ADF frequencies are also logged in a forced way at certain flight …
(edit) @324:b1d504a874dc   11 years ivaradi Forced logging now logs with the current timestamp even for delayed …
(edit) @314:09f49b9eef64   11 years ivaradi Added support for the landing lights and the NAV frequencies being …
(edit) @273:066f7271e849   11 years ivaradi Added the playback of approach callouts
(edit) @241:dea155dd3ac0   11 years ivaradi Added support for calculating speeds in km/h for Soviet aircraft
(edit) @183:97e7e9479e0a   11 years ivaradi Added the Using FS2Crew option
(edit) @163:b42982058cb2   11 years ivaradi Added support for specifying the host name
(edit) @152:f0701a18628a   11 years ivaradi Made the sending of the closing message more reliable
(edit) @106:5d81096406c0   11 years ivaradi The METAR of the arrival airport is downloaded in the landing stage.
(add) @89:ef4711a984fe   11 years ivaradi Added the collection of some further statistics and the finish page
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