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Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#244 Company NOTAM gui MAVA reMAke enhancement 02/19/15
#363 Cruising alt nem érzékelése aircraft/b737 Maintenance support request 02/01/23
#322 Felszállás státuszba nem áll át rules Maintenance defect 07/13/17
#351 Nem váltott át felszállási fázisba aircraft/b737 Maintenance defect 05/22/21
#352 Logger probléma aircraft/b737 Maintenance defect 08/19/21
#375 X 0.60 other Maintenance defect 10/08/23
#378 Előre gomb letiltva aircraft/b737 Maintenance defect 11/18/23
#379 JF BEA-146 aircraft/b737 Maintenance defect 11/27/23
#305 PIREP review gui MAVA reMAke enhancement 07/31/16
#306 PIREP comment stream gui MAVA reMAke enhancement 07/31/16
#309 Allow changing the score of a PIREP gui MAVA reMAke enhancement 07/31/16
#311 Use CEF for the entry exam gui MAVA reMAke enhancement 08/06/16
#332 Logger enhancements for new VA site/system rules MAVA reMAke enhancement 02/16/18
#377 FL and route other Maintenance enhancement 10/23/23
#110 Implement Android application gui task 07/02/12
#10 Use more frequent data collection during takeoff datacollection/fsuipc enhancement 02/06/12
#40 Add publisher information to the Windows manifest gui enhancement 03/04/12
#284 Add some checks when loading flight files other Maintenance enhancement 12/28/15
#287 The ACARS page should be shown only when logged in gui MAVA reMAke enhancement 01/06/16
#288 The gate data refresh button should be enabled only when logged in gui MAVA reMAke enhancement 01/06/16
#321 Highlight wrong data on flight pages gui MAVA reMAke enhancement 05/26/17
#370 Gurulófények logolása aircraft/b737 MAVA reMAke enhancement 07/22/23
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